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EDspaces is where leaders and innovators unite to drive the future of learning environments. Through enlightening education sessions, immersive tours, and buzzing show floor, the event expands your horizons by exploring new possibilities for school and campus learning environments.

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Calling all educators, distributors, architects, and designers - EDspaces is designed just for you! This event is tailor-made to cater to your needs and interests. Whether you are an educator looking for innovative learning environments, a distributor seeking the latest products for educational spaces, or an architect/designer eager to explore key issues in the industry, EDspaces has got you covered.


What Do Teachers Need? How to Design Schools with Educators in Mind

The role of classroom design has emerged as a pivotal factor in improving teacher satisfaction and effectiveness. The insights from Corgan's "Design Lessons from Teachers 2.0" report provide a comprehensive understanding of what educators look for in their work environments. This EDspaces article delves into the key findings of this report and contextualizes them with additional research to offer a full view of the current state and future of school design.

Braving the Storm: Shelter Guide for Schools

As climate change increases the severity of storms reaching beyond Tornado Alley, schools are considering storm shelters for the safety of their students and staff – if funding allows.

The Art and Science of Building Modern CTE Learning Spaces

Career and Technical Education (CTE) spaces are evolving from a specialized vocational path to a robust career readiness platform. This transformation calls for a fresh perspective on classroom design, placing education leaders at the helm of a significant and exciting shift with the new mission of sculpting learning spaces that cater to the diverse needs of CTE students and embracing the essence of real-world professional environments.

How Can the Physical Design of a Classroom Foster Student Agency?

Imagine a student walking into a classroom with rows of desks, all facing toward the front of the room. Students are assigned to desks and a large teacher’s desk and white board are at the front of the room...

Six Neuro-Diverse Design Strategies that Strengthen Learning for All Students

There has been growing recognition of the importance of understanding and finding ways to support neurodiverse students. Creating inclusive learning spaces in our K-12 schools is crucial to ensure that all students, including neurodiverse students, can thrive academically and socially.

Designing the Future-Ready School Library: 5 Critical Elements

In the landscape of modern education, school libraries are undergoing a revolutionary transformation. Evolving from their traditional roles as book-centric storehouses, they are now vibrant, multi-functional hubs that nurture collaboration, creativity, and digital fluency.



NOVEMBER 12-14, 2024

Join your community in Houston, TX, Nov. 12-14, 2024, for collaboration and sharing of ideas to create spaces where students and teachers thrive. Stay ahead of trends, build relationships, expand your knowledge, and discover new opportunities at EDspaces. Once again co-located with the AIA CAE Fall Conference and the Campus Safety Conference, this is the best place to be for discussions and innovations driving the future of the built learning environment.


NOVEMBER 12-14, 2024

Every day, you must balance safety, teaching and learning, school operations and culture, and the surrounding community, creating a complex environment and set of priorities. This is one of the reasons EDspaces is excited to have the Campus Safety Conference (CSC) co-locate with us again in Houston. This strategic partnership is a natural progression as mental health and campus physical safety go hand in hand with classroom design to create the spaces where students and teachers thrive.

Campus Safety Conference

July 8-10, 2024

Registration is open for CSC 2024 being hosted in Atlanta, GA on July 8-10, 2024. CSC is dedicated to being the foremost national authority event, fostering safe and secure campus environments across K-12, higher education, and corporate sectors. Register by April 30 to securing Study Rate savings! Learn more about CSC >>>


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