Why Attend

Discussions of remote learning dominated 2020, and as virtual lessons multiplied out of sheer necessity, it illuminated the building blocks of effective instruction, revealing that sitting in standard classrooms isn’t the only path to student achievement.

We are at a turning point for facilities design. Echoing the qualities of revamped workplaces, schools need to build and equip flexible next-generation spaces for their teachers and students, multi-faceted places that celebrate collaboration and inclusivity as much as multimedia developments. Long gone are the days of uniform chalkboards and orderly rows of desks. Instead, a variety of imaginative spatial layouts are challenging the status quo, incorporating priorities such as sustainability, and demonstrating how time spent outdoors is critical to a student’s growth and creativity.

At EDspaces you’re surrounded by a community of visionaries, getting to know more than 200 exhibitors, partaking of eye-opening workshops and sessions, touring inspiring facilities, and networking with leaders determined to improve and transcend educational design norms.


We are moving forward with a face-to-face event in November and are optimistic that we will be able to host EDspaces 2022 safely.

The EDspaces team is monitoring the COVID-19 situation daily and following the guidelines set forth by federal and local governments and health agencies. We are also in close contact with local authorities in Portland and our show partners. In addition, we are working with other show teams within Emerald who are staging shows ahead of EDspaces to ensure the highest level of control measures and best practices are implemented. For more information on our Health & Safety guidelines please click here

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