Why Attend

The Event for Our Community

Let’s take it all in. Together. With so much that has happened over the past two years, the need has never been greater to reimagine the entire learning facility. From pivot to reinvention to today, innovation is driving the future to meet the needs of the 21st century learners.

Designed by your peers, EDspaces brings together leaders developing the next generation of learning facilities to meet the evolving needs of the student, educator, and administrator. The right designs, furniture and technology can transform how educators and students teach, study and learn.

There are infinite reasons to attend EDspaces, but here are four we recommend.

Learn in peer-designed classrooms where industry experts-and leaders provide practical, usable strategies to help you, your students, and your facility thrive.
See in-person the most innovative approaches to learning environments during facility tours throughout the Portland area.
Touch, test and tinker with the newest and most innovative product solutions from a wide variety of EDspaces exhibitors.
Discuss high priority issues with a community of peers who have the same experiences as you, providing you with the ideas, strategies, and best practices to drive student success.