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EDspaces is where leaders and innovators unite to drive impactful changes in schools, ensuring they are equipped with the best resources to create thriving educational environments. Through professional development and knowledge sharing, immersive tours, and hands-on experience with products, this experience expands your horizon by exploring new possibilities for school and campus learning environments.

Scholarship Program

Program only open to educators. Want to attend EDspaces but don't have the budget? You could attend for free by applying for a Scholarship! Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect with industry peers, gain valuable insights, and experience the latest trends and innovations in educational facility design because of budget constraints. Apply today!

Learning Experiences

The EDspaces Education Conference features a curated, multi-track educational and professional development series of 60+ education sessions as well as a visionary keynote presentation. Learn more about your Learning Expereinces at EDspaces.


A Proactive Approach to K-12 School Safety

On a bright morning in a small town, as children play and teachers prepare their lessons, school administrators face the solemn task of ensuring everyone's safety—a fundamental responsibility in today’s K-12 education system.

Environmentally Preferred Purchasing: A New Strategy to Help K-12 Schools Go Green

By embracing EPP, schools can not only contribute to environmental conservation but also instill a sense of responsibility and awareness in students, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Shielding Our Schools: A Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Cyber Security in K-12 Education

Procurement decisions in educational institutions are critical and can have serious implications for cybersecurity. A notable example involves a district that suffered a ransomware attack due to poorly chosen software.

The K-12 Classroom and Executive Function: Designing for Success

A well-designed classroom can do more than just support learning; it can actively boost cognitive processes, including executive functions. Executive functions are vital cognitive skills necessary for planning, focusing attention, remembering instructions, and juggling multiple tasks effectively. Understanding how classroom design affects these functions and using strategies to improve them can lead to more effective teaching and learning outcomes.

K-12 School Design That Prioritizes Wellness: How Can We Better Support the Mental and Physical Health of Our Students?

The Harvard School of Public Health emphasizes the critical role that school building design plays in supporting the physical and mental well-being of both students and teachers. An environment that fosters wellness not only enhances learning but also nurtures positive interactions among students, teachers, and peers.

Prioritizing Outdoor Learning: Challenges and Success Stories

By integrating outdoor learning and natural play spaces into the curriculum, schools can foster not just academic excellence but also crucial life skills and environmental stewardship among students. The evidence supports a growing consensus that outdoor learning is not just beneficial but essential for the holistic development of children, encouraging schools to prioritize these initiatives for their long-term positive impact on student outcomes.



NOVEMBER 12-14, 2024

Join your community in Houston, TX, Nov. 12-14, 2024, for collaboration and sharing of ideas to create spaces where students and teachers thrive. Stay ahead of trends, build relationships, expand your knowledge, and discover new opportunities at EDspaces. Once again co-located with the AIA CAE Fall Conference and the Campus Safety Conference, this is the best place to be for discussions and innovations driving the future of the built learning environment.


NOVEMBER 12-14, 2024

Every day, you must balance safety, teaching and learning, school operations and culture, and the surrounding community, creating a complex environment and set of priorities. This is one of the reasons EDspaces is excited to have the Campus Safety Conference (CSC) co-locate with us again in Houston. This strategic partnership is a natural progression as mental health and campus physical safety go hand in hand with classroom design to create the spaces where students and teachers thrive.

Campus Safety Conference

July 8-10, 2024

Registration is open for CSC 2024 being hosted in Atlanta, GA on July 8-10, 2024. CSC is dedicated to being the foremost national authority event, fostering safe and secure campus environments across K-12, higher education, and corporate sectors. Register by April 30 to securing Study Rate savings! Learn more about CSC >>>


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