Exhibitor Donation Program

Heart of America will partner with EDspaces in 2024 for the EDspaces donation program; exhibitors are given the opportunity to leave display items behind as a donation to the organization.

If donating… 

    • Tear down and/or condense your items as much as possible (items will be traveling by semi truck).
    • Tape the “Donation Label” to the products you will be donating (also available at the Service Center during the conference)
    • If able, bring donated items to designated donation location after you have packed up your booth.
  • Vendors MUST complete the below In Kind Donation Form (COMING SOON) (pages 2 AND 3) in order for us to receive your donations.


Who we are: The mission of Heart of America (HOA) is to transform spaces into modern learning environments so students and communities can learn and grow. Since 1997, we have worked with key partners in under-resourced communities to renovate educational and community spaces and provide a spectrum of resources (including new books, learning technologies, and school supplies for in-school and at-home learning) so all students are given the opportunity for success. For more than 25 years, we have worked with community partners to leverage key resources and impact the most vulnerable students across the region. Through public/private partnerships our organization has worked to address inequities, leveraging thousands of volunteers throughout the process.  In doing so, we have become experts in securing resources, managing transformation projects, coordinating stakeholders, and mobilizing volunteer networks for the greater good of communities

The schools we typically serve are Title 1, with at least 80% of the student body receiving free and reduced meals, and all communities we serve are classified as low-income and/or under-resourced. Our students have been found to face several educational inequities in comparison to their more affluent peers. Such inequities include access to foundational supplies necessary for classroom learning, age-appropriate books, accessibility to personal digital devices, clean, engaging, and inspiring classroom spaces, reliable Wi-Fi, and an equal distribution of school resources. Our organization addresses these disparities through construction projects and resource distribution efforts.

Next Steps: To donate, please complete the below form and either email it in advance to Jabun (email below) or bring to the Heart of America table (located in the Health and Wellness Pavilion, Booth 258). You can also hand it directly to a Heart of America team member when they visit your booth.

If you have any questions or to submit your form, please contact Jabun Nahar: jnahar@heartofamerica.org