Call for Classrooms

The greatest opportunity to showcase your innovation and approach – EDspaces 2022 Classrooms

EDspaces is the premiere event to explore how the convergence of pedagogy, environment, technology, and innovation affects facility design and use and, ultimately, student outcomes. As an extension to the high-quality education focused on the needs of the educational facility professional and A&D community, all EDsessions at EDspaces are held in peer-designed innovative learning environments.

These future-focused environments are a highlight for attendees (your customers and colleagues) and for EDspaces.

EDspaces is now accepting proposals to outfit these innovative learning environments in Portland, OR. We invite you to submit a classroom/learning environment design proposal by June 15, 2022. 

Questions? Contact 

Location Oregon Convention Center Meeting Rooms/Exhibit Floor
Quantity Seven Classrooms are available for design
Number of sessions per room At least eight EDsessions will be held in each learning environment
  • 37′ x 63′ and 36′ x 75′ (seating for 50 learners)
  • 36′ x 88′ (2) and 36′ x 86′ (seating for 75 learners)
  • 43′ x 91′ and 43′ x 96′ (seating for 100 learners)

All rooms have four hard walls. Design must incorporate exit doors.

Ceiling Height 18’0″
Flooring The Oregon Convention Center meeting rooms are carpeted; however, we encourage a flooring option to enhance the learning environments. Previous designers and attendees have indicated it makes a difference in the room.
Note: Convention center staff must approve products and materials prior to installation. Usually low adhesive properties are easily approved.
Move-In Dates and Times Sunday, October 30: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM*
Monday, October 31: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Tuesday, November 1: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
*by appointment only
Move-Out Dates and Times Friday, November 4: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Saturday November 5: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Electrical All electrical expense will be covered by EDspaces. You are responsible for providing an electrical plan, denoting location and power requirements.
Donation Program Leave a lasting impression! EDspaces will facilitate the option for products to be donated to Portland area schools. 
Partner with EDspaces exhibitors
Material Handling Design team and/or their equipment providers are responsible for material handling expenses. We will have special shipping labels for each room/team. 
Audio/Visual @ Oregon Convention Center Information to come

Proposals should be submitted online by June 15, 2022.

Design for Presentations

The learning environments should be designed to accommodate single speakers as well as panels of two to four participants presenting as: 

  • facilitated delivery with high participation 
  • peer-to-peer components 
  • small group discussions 
  • participant brainstorming and involvement in case-study analyses 

We discourage presenters from using PowerPoint and prefer they use a presentation system included in your design. Some presenters will use PowerPoint, and regardless of presentation system, your design must include direct sightlines to view screens/monitors from all seating.

Technology Solutions Please provide a presentation system which would be utilized in a facility/classroom that lends itself to interactive, engaging learning. Note: See Audio-Visual below. 
  • A drawing or schematic showing the layout
  • A description of the classroom outlining learning objectives of the design (limit 300 words)
Seating Comfortable seating for a minimum of 50/75/100 adult learners. If your selected size room is not available, please indicate if you are willing to furnish one of the other size rooms.
Audio/Visual (Interactive Technology) Incorporating a plan for audio-visual/presentation equipment is crucial to the design (screens/monitors/microphones, etc.). Preference will be given to those proposals that offer interactive technology options.
Sound The Oregon Convention Center has indicated there are speakers in the ceiling of each meeting room which are “reliable”; however, we encourage you to showcase a product or system to supplement the house sound. Please describe your sound plan in your submission. 
The Team List the team involved in your design as well as all vendors actively participating in the planning and installation. 
Naming Rights Create a name for the education environment/learning space you have designed. This will be how your space is referred to in all promotions: print, online, and on-site. 
  • Custom press release to announce your selection as a design winner 
  • EDspaces webpage dedicated to the winning designs including links to the teams’ websites 
  • One (1) promotional email sent from EDspaces about the classrooms to the potential EDspaces attendee list (40,000+ decision-makers) 
  • Logo and corporate name online and in the EDspaces 2022 On-Site Program and Mobile App 
  • Branded signage on-site including one (1) double-sided 1m x 8′ sign displaying your design storyboard 
Registration Four (4) complimentary full conference registrations for your design team
Video EDspaces will create a short video of the environment with interviews from the design team
Photography High-resolution photos of the designed space for promotional purposes (post-show) 
Attendee List List of attendees who attended sessions in your space (post-show) 
Evaluation Criteria

Designs will be reviewed for: 

  • Aesthetics 
  • Overall functionality 
  • Vendor engagement 
  • Relevance to the future of educational facilities 
  • Flexibility of the learning space
Classroom Judges Classrooms are judged by a panel of architects and designers.  

Submit your proposal on time. Include drawing or schematic showing the layout and dimensions. Include a description of the space outlining learning objectives of the design (limited to 300 words). 

Identify the dimensions in which you’ve chosen to work. 

Agree to furnish any size room.

State how your design will support the latest space planning research, trends, etc. 

Preference will be given to interactive, teaching environment designs. 

Preference will be given to those proposals that offer interactive technology options. 

Confirm the commitment of all vendors listed in your proposal to actively participate in the planning and installation. 

You can submit your design by using this link, or by clicking the button above