Exhibitor Sales Meetings

Your Success Starts Here With Exhibitor Sales Meetings

Connecting With People

Exhibits are more than simply having a presence at conferences and shows. It’s about connecting with people – listening to them, learning what they need to accomplish their goals and building content, education, resources and relationships. It’s about valuing your clients and their customers – knowing their names, interests, businesses, values and goals.

Sales Meetings Dramatically Increase Your ROI

There are two types of Sales Meetings available at EDspaces: meetings in a room and meetings in the exhibit booth. Whether it is a national sales meeting for your team or detailing a product to an architect or a director of facilities, your success starts here.

Make pre-scheduled, face-to-face appointments to build relationships, identify specific customer needs, communicate new ideas and initiatives or provide crucial hands-on training of your products or services.

Sales Meeting Reservations will be available in the exhibitor console beginning August 7.