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EDspaces programming, curated by members of the EDspaces Education Advisory Group, delivers the best of the best from the annual EDspaces call for presentations.

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Designed Classrooms

Instead of packing into a nondescript conference room, attendees learn at EDspaces in classrooms designed by top architects, designers, and space planners, who competed to share their future-forward ideas.

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EDfacility Tours

EDfacility Tours showcase vibrant, sustainable, state-of-the-art, and award-winning design throughout the Pittsburgh region–focused on the built environment, PreK-12 through higher education.

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Special Events / EDfest

The EDfest All Industry Party, always beloved by attendees, is sure to make a splash in a year that prizes human connections above all else. EDfest is the premier networking night of EDspaces.

Specialty Spaces

Here’s your chance to create a unique EDspaces Café–where the cafeteria is no longer just the cafeteria, rather a hub for connecting, collaborating, learning, and of course eating. Explore the criteria and specifications.

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