Nurturing Nimble Minds

Classroom E218: Nurturing Nimble Minds by Harriman

As school designers we create spaces that not only inspire young minds but address their fundamental needs. With the use of thoughtfully created spaces and nimble furniture arrangements we can create environments that are visually and physically supportive of the Social Emotional Learning aspects of today’s learning environments.

Social Emotional Learning in the school environment provides the opportunity for students to develop a head start in lifelong learning. While they are focusing on studying, they are also developing social and emotional skills that will carry through into their adulthood. Thus, greatly improving their personal and professional relationship experiences.

The physical design of a classroom can support SEL with the use of mobile furniture that can be easily arranged for group work where students develop social awareness and work on relationship skills. The furniture can be rearranged for individual work where students can then focus inwardly on self-management and self-awareness. In both scenarios students are learning responsible decision-making skills.

The Watering Hole
 is a place for socializing, a place where people naturally move through. A touch down space such as the entrance of a classroom or school Main Lobby. Peers share information, exchange ideas and feel a sense of community awareness.

The Campfire is an area for active learning. A form of social awareness where there is listening and learning.

The Nest fosters small group interaction and collaboration. Where one can practice group decision making as well as relationship skills.

The Cave serves for individual reflection, a place for self-awareness and self-management.

By utilizing fundamental concepts of human interaction with the use of agile furniture arrangements, we are nurturing the overall wellbeing of the student within the school environment and beyond.

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