EDspaces 2023

EDspaces 2023, November 7-9, Charlotte, NC

Space selection for EDspaces 2023, November 7-9, Charlotte, NC, will start on Wednesday, November 2 at EDspaces 2022. Booth Assignment is based on the EDspaces Priority Point System as described below.

Based on seniority, exhibitors at EDspaces 2022 are first eligible to select their exhibit space for next year’s (2023) event.

Once these companies have had an opportunity to select space, reservations to exhibit at EDspaces 2023 will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Booth assignment will be based upon the EDspaces Points System, by which each company earns points through:


2022 Exhibit Space

1 point per 100 square feet of exhibit space at EDspaces 2022 Portland


EDmarket Membership

2 points for each year of continuous membership in EDmarket



2 points per $1,000 donated to the Bring-A-Buyer program


Years Exhibiting

1 point for each year of exhibiting at EDspaces (maximum 9 points)



1 point for each $1,000 spent in EDspaces 2022 sponsorships


Customer Referral Program

1 point per every attendee that used your referral promo code through October 1


Digital Booth Upgrades

5 points for upgrading to Gold package, 3 points for upgrading to Silver package, 1 point for upgrading to Bronze package

EDspaces 2023 Investment – Advance Rate through April 21, 2023:

  • $25.93/36.30 per sq. ft. member/non-member EDmarket, respectively
  • $150 corner premium, waived if contracted by April 21, 2023
  • $99 Enhanced Marketing Fee (EMF)*

Payment Schedule for the space will be as follows:

  • $250 deposit due at contract signing
  • 25% of total investment due by 1/21/23
  • 50% of total investment due by 4/20/23
  • 100% of total investment due by 7/27/23
* The EMF is an investment fee and is not an optional item. The EMF covers your company listing in the printed show directory, the listing on the website, the listing in the mobile app, and the additional programs designed for exhibitors to market the event – for example the nvytes customer promotion program which provides you a discount to offer your customers (and no cost way for you to easily earn additional priority points for the next years booth assignment).

Increase Your ROI

Increase your reach with digital promotion packages designed to help you reach your target audience, build quality pre-show leads, and increase your exhibit ROI at EDspaces. Simply choose your upgrade package after selecting your booth.