Impressions: The Outdoor Classroom by AIA CAE

Come interact with the American Institute of Architects’ Committee on Architecture for Education experiential outdoor classroom!

Unlike traditional classrooms, outdoor classrooms offer the potential for students to engage with the physical world in an intimate and tangible way. This relationship results in a duality of impressions, created by both the user leaving an impact on the environment while simultaneously letting the surroundings shape the user.

Upon entering the outdoor classroom, users travel through a myriad of moments – some reflective, some playful, some collaborative, others individual. This journey invokes a sense of growth that is explored through diverse, age-related experiences such as play elements, sensory zones, and interactive learning stations – all based on the natural environment. Milestones placed throughout the path offer users a moment of respite from these activities to pause, recharge, and reorient along their personal journey.

Explore the outdoor classroom – create an impression uniquely your own. Only at EDspaces!

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