EDspaces Café

Experience the Zen Garden:
by ThenDesign Architecture (TDA)

Visit the Zen Garden in the exhibit hall at booth number 2240

The Zen Garden provides a space for all ages from primary school through higher education. The palette is both playful and sophisticated and all will find a comfortable place to rest, refresh and regroup.

The season “rooms” each highlight a different experience while the central area brings the water element to the garden.  Rounded corner table reminds us of natural forms pebbles and leaves. The soft seating – stools, rockers, benches and garden walls define a winter sunroom with cool blue of the floor offset by the warm finishes for a cozy, comfortable space. The springtime room displays the soft fresh colors of the season with individual seating and small groupings around tables. Summer appears highlighting outdoor furniture –  picnic tables on deep green, floors and wood tone furniture. Autumn flows in with the bright orange of changing leaves and subdued wood tones and stool seating color. The large collaborative table works for meetings as well as a dining space. The central area focuses on water and sand themes. The stepped seating represents learning stairs in the education setting and waterfall in the Zen Garden. The mist of the waterfall billows up to the high-top collaborative tables with stool seating in white and blue. The pathway represents the sand while the central area displays the color of the pond water with floating water lilies represented by the yellow tables and green chairs.

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