EDspaces Café

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sponsored by FGM Architects

Dining facilities are a core part of the K-12 school experiences. These spaces are where students go for nourishment as well as where they begin to learn and practice their social skills. Recognizing that not all students want to socialize, our design takes into consideration that students also need a place of refuge from the rigors of their academic schedules. Our community commons layout has a diverse range of spaces for multiple uses -from individual study to small group or large team activities. We recognize the increased need for student ownership of emotional regulation and created a variation in the acoustic properties to be dialed up in quiet zones and be dialed down in energetic zones. By creating visual zones in different colors, a gradient of blue to yellow helps reinforce these zones – Pale colors cause more relaxation than vivid colors, yellow is energetic and perceived as a high- energy color, while Blue is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly. Creating a mindful space for self- regulation helps students return to class feeling ready to learn.