(Open to all full conference registrants. Complimentary for architects, educational institutions, and dealers; $25 fee for exhibitors and independent manufacturer's reps.)

Our deep-dive workshops encourage attendees to look closely, ask questions, make connections to your own campus community, and learn from and alongside inspiring educators and thought leaders. Led by experts on state funding, managing bond campaigns, and what the future of learning looks like, these in-depth experiences allow for more in-depth learning and discussion. Note: workshops are limited seating and require pre-registration.

Tuesday, Nov. 10, 3:00-6:00 PM

Pre-Conference Workshop: NCSF State Landscape 2020

Open to all full conference registrants. Complimentary for architects, educational institutions, and dealers; $25 fee for exhibitors and independent manufacturer's reps.

Come hear members of the National Council on School Facilities (NCSF) share reports from States on key legal, policy, governance, standards, and funding developments in this most unusual year of school shutdowns and reopening plans. Listen to the challenges state departments of education are facing and what they see for the future. NCSF is a new knowledge partner of EDspaces and is holding their 2020 annual meeting in conjunction with this event.

Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2:30-5:00 PM

Workshop: The Bond Formation and Campaign Process: Organizing a Community YES! Effort

Open/complimentary only to full conference education registrants.


When developing a future bond program, extracting meaningful input from all stakeholders is key to transforming fear into confidence. These techniques can also build consensus during visioning and pre-design phases. TMP Architecture has planned many successful bond programs, from conceptualizing the program, to State bond processes, to the campaign. In the past 10 years the firm has orchestrated more than $4 billion of successful programs, with 90% of them passing in an election on the first attempt.

Join us as we dive deep into our Bond Formation and Campaign processes (methods crafted over decades of educational design experience). Suzanne Cybulla, Superintendent of the East China School District, will share her community's Bond 2020 story, lessons learned and ultimate WIN at the polls. This engaging workshop will be facilitated by a cross-disciplinary team of designers and marketing professionals, including developing a Bond Formation Plan and a "Build Your Own Program" exercises!

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Identify key steps and essential timing in the Bond Formation Plan.
  • Review strategies for involving diverse groups of stakeholders at various points in the Bond Formation and Campaign processes.
  • Experience fun and exciting engagement activities designed to build consensus across your school community.
  • Reflect on lessons learned from a 2020 Bond pursuit, where success at the polls will transform one school district's future for years to come!

Thursday, Nov. 12, 2:30-5:00 PM

Workshop: The Future of Intangible Learning Systems in a Post-COVID World

Open/complimentary only to full conference education registrants.


Creativity. Play. Critical Thinking. Curiosity. All of these are becoming more and more mainstream in the K-12 world of learning, making for truly intangible characteristics that the 22nd century human will need. In this active workshop, we seek to collaborate as a team of leaders who are responsible for the success of K-12 learning systems today, and ask: how might the learning systems of K12, and particularly those beyond, be re-designed to support and accelerate upon that which we have already created?

In this highly engaging workshop, you will:

  • Explore the underlying themes of intangibility, and how systems of teaching accidentally compete with the organic nature of learning.
  • Understand the drivers that have made up the re-imagination of K12 learning systems.
  • Author a vision of what learning systems beyond K12 might become.
  • Share in the power of community and inspire the continued evolution of true human centered learning institutions.

The presenters will leverage a hands-on and experiential form of learning, using design strategy to ensure that the entire session is about creation and problem solving — not lecture, panel, or even small group breakout. This is a design sprint that is full of active forms of learning.