Tuesday, October 22, 1-6 pm

Learning Lab: STEM Innovation Tour

Credit: AIA LU/HSW, IDCEC = 3

Fee: $100 per person

With the rise of STEM and STEAM learner-centered education, students experiment, make, hack, and learn as they transform ideas into products and solutions. Come in a day early to talk with Fab Lab experts and learn more about how to implement a successful and sustainable Makerspace before boarding busses to see outstanding projects in action. Find out what it takes to prepare a school to implement the space with proper staffing, design, furniture, training, curriculum, support and community awareness.

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Muskego Lakes Middle School

Architect: Bray Architects

The new 136,836 square foot Muskego Lakes Middle School features a two-story academic wing organizing grades into "neighborhoods." Each consists of five classrooms organized around a shared resource area; three of the five classrooms have sliding glass doors that open into the shared space to support collaboration and project-based learning. To give students and community members the opportunity to learn the high-tech skills marketable to the companies in Muskego's region, the school includes technical education classrooms accessible from the building's main entry. The classrooms feature ample natural lighting to brighten the room and foster a welcoming environment. The state-of-the-art equipment for woodworking, metal working, and more allows students and community members to explore multiple career paths and develop transferable skills for the future. Around the corner from the technical education classrooms is a 900 square foot "Phab Lab" makerspace. It is equipped with 3D printers, laser engravers, a desktop CNC machine to cut aluminum, vinyl cutters, an interactive display, and more so students have access to the tools they need to explore STEM concepts. In this space, students design product prototypes for various projects and conduct feedback sessions with their peers to improve their designs.

New Berlin West High School

Fab Lab Designer: Palmer Hamilton

The New Berlin School District will open a brand-new, turn-key Fab Lab/Makerspace which was designed to install project-based learning at both Middle and High School levels. Not just for tech-ed, these spaces are designed to bring 21st century skills to all students on campus, functioning not only as classroom space but as a true destination across academic disciplines much like a library. The fun and inviting space includes design, furniture and equipment; 3D printers, laser engravers, desktop CNC's and collaborative whiteboards. Critical to the success of these spaces are not just exciting layout and design, but a complete programmatic plan that is designed to engage students with hands-on learning and prepares them for future job skills.

Mukwonago High School

Architect: Bray Architects

Mukwonago High School has been beautifully transformed by stunning gymnasium and auditorium additions, as well as extensive renovations to the existing building that opened up the second floor and created multiple resource areas for small and large group collaboration. Innovative STEAM spaces, an interactive library setting, and multi-purpose cafeteria spaces with ample natural light were also results of building-wide upgrades. To encourage more students to become involved in STEAM curriculum, the design team relocated that space to a new centralized location, including a new corridor and a makerspace with large viewing windows for increased visibility and easier access. This "new" STEAM wing was intentionally designed and organized to follow how the school's curriculum is delivered - from ideas to design to mock-up to final implementation. Glassy connections between classrooms and surrounding areas enable students to see the process and collaborate. Reflecting the need for tradespeople in the community, the design also incorporated state-of-the-art equipment, donated by local companies, for training students in woodworking, manufacturing, and related fields. STEAM spaces were also expanded, creating art classrooms dedicated for use with different mediums.