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K-12 Tour A

Tuesday, November 10, 1:00 pm-6 pm


The project consolidates the district's language immersion programs onto a single campus. The new school unifies the district's language instruction and creates a pipeline allowing students to continue in-depth language study. The kindergarten through first grade, second and third grade, and fourth and fifth grade halls all have their own “Casa Maison,” comprised of expanded circulation space that occupies multiple teaching stations for break out and collaborative learning. The Casa Maisons are located on each level of the new construction and in the existing building in the renovated area adjacent to the media center. The interior design concept features wayfinding around the collaborative areas reinforcing the space and designating the path of travel.


The design of Catawba Ridge High School conveys a park-like feel with its relationship to the outdoors and access to its natural setting. Designed for 2,400 students, the school's main academic spaces are Upon passing through the secure entry, students, teachers, and visitors step into the main circulation corridor of the school which was inspired by the ancient Greek “Agora” (gathering space). The central commons area provides immediate visual and physical access to many of the programmatic areas including project labs, media center, auditorium, art gallery, and cafeteria. Also included in these areas are ‘social' courts which create unique collaborative and flexible learning areas that promote spontaneous interaction between students and staff.


At the new Covenant Day High School tour, you will explore the roles of transparency in learning, interdisciplinary learning, adaptability in learning spaces, agency in learning, and how they craft a learning culture as well as the role of wellness and biophilia in learning environments. Tour guides will highlight a presentation of a collaborative project upon which students, science professors, and the design team embarked to explore brain-based learning and the role of neuroscience in the learning experience. This conversation will show how a Brainware Device was used to understand student engagement, excitement, interest, and stress in various settings.