EDspaces 2020 Scholarship Program

EDspaces 2020 offers critical education content combined with an opportunity to make meaningful connections to help you, your facility and your students thrive.

We are excited to bring you an extraordinary opportunity to attend EDspaces on a scholarship. The Scholarship covers registration and hotel accommodations for school, district, college and university employees with active construction and renovation projects and the bonds/funding in the pipeline to finance them. Scholarship recipients receive access to professional development, exhibits that showcase innovative solutions and numerous networking opportunities.

The EDspaces 2020 Scholarship Program is now open!


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  • The EDspaces Scholarship Program is open to educational facilities only.
  • Applicants must be employees of PreK-12 schools, school districts, community colleges, and universities including but not limited to superintendents, business/finance officers, purchasing agents/buyers, facilities managers, and design, construction, operations, instructional technology, and curriculum development staff. Verification of employment may be required.
  • Individuals must apply separately and on behalf of their institutions.
  • Multiple applications from the same educational institution are encouraged; however, scholarships may be limited to one recipient per facility subject to the total number of applications.
  • Preference will be given to first-time institutions and applicants.
  • Scholarship applications will also be evaluated based on need and/or the projected number and value of potential building projects in the pipeline.

Convince Your Boss

You're convinced you want to attend EDspaces, and we really want you there! It's time to convince the powers that be. Everyone is concerned about the return on investment - - every dollar has to be justified, and so does the time away from the office. Don't worry, we've got you covered. EDspaces is your opportunity to gain practical knowledge, discover innovative solutions, validate best practices and ultimately, benefit your organization. Hard to argue with that.

Use these tips to show why your organization needs to invest in you and in EDspaces, the most important event for the educational facility marketplace.

The EDspaces 2020 Scholarship Program is managed by the Education Market Association. There are a limited number of scholarships available. Scholarships are awarded to the educational facilities at which the applicants are employed. Should a recipient not be able to attend EDspaces, the Scholarship is transferable to another employee at the same educational facility.