Non-Exhibiting Supplier Registration

The Education Market Association (EDmarket) realizes and understands that not all EDspaces industry Suppliers (including Original Equipment Manufacturers) require exhibit space at the show. However, they would still like to participate and have admittance to exhibits, workshops, general sessions, and social events.

A NES is a company that manufactures, sells or rents products and services to the Educational Facility Industry but does not currently exhibit in the EDspaces Conference & Expo.

Non-exhibiting supplier (NES) companies that register to attend will be reviewed and approved by show management in order to gain access to EDspaces. The purpose of this policy is to protect the vendors exhibiting and maintain the integrity of the show. Please note: all of the options below come with the understanding that “suitcasing and outboarding”, are strictly prohibited. These policies are below. Violation of either of these policies will result in immediate removal from EDspaces.

A. Full Conference Registration to EDspaces Conference & Expo:

1.  $2,250 includes two (2) full conference registrations.

B. One Time Only, One-Day Registration – maximum of 2 people per company:

1.  $750.00 for a one-day registration to the exhibit floor only. This option does not include workshops, general sessions, or networking events. Only companies that have not participated with EDspaces in the last 2 years qualify.

C. Guided Tour: 2:30 pm on Thursday, October 26th

1.  Briefly meet with EDmarket Staff and receive a guided tour of the EDspaces exhibit floor.
2.  There is no cost to take the tour.