Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is EDspaces 2020: The Digital Experience?

Q: What is EDspaces 2020: The Digital Experience?

A: EDspaces 2020: The Digital Experience will be a multi-day, distance-learning journey. EDspaces 2020 is moving to an online platform powered by GRIP Event Networking and, in doing so, is expanding the overall experience.

Your All Access Pass to EDspaces 2020 will allow you to craft your own, unique experience It will include all the elements you know and love about EDspaces: innovative educational content over multiple days, a robust marketplace of product, service, and solution providers, private appointments with exhibiting companies, virtual tours, networking, and more!

What are the Dates and Schedule?

Q: What are the Dates and Schedule?

A: EDspaces 2020: The Digital Experience will be spaced out over a three-week period.

  • Wednesday, October 28: EDspaces Innovation Day
  • Thursday, October 29: Marketplace Day
  • Wednesday, November 4: EDspaces Dealer Day
  • Thursday, November 5: Marketplace Day
  • Monday, November 9: Marketplace Day
  • Tuesday, November 10: EDspaces 2020 Digital Experience & Marketplace - The Main Event
  • Wednesday, November 11: EDspaces 2020 Digital Experience & Marketplace - The Main Event
  • Thursday, November 12: EDspaces 2020 Digital Experience & Marketplace - The Main Event

What are Dealer/Distributor Days?

Q: What are Dealer/Distributor Days?

A: Previously known as in-booth or in-room sales meetings, dealer/distributor days are dedicated dates/times to for distributors to meet with the exhibitors with new products, services, or solutions. Distributors may also invite customers to these meetings, make introductions to exhibitors, and join their customers for product demonstrations with exhibitors. Registration is required for all participants.

What are Marketplace Days?

Q: What are Marketplace Days?

A: Marketplace Days are reserved to meet with your peers, distributors, recommended contacts, and the exhibitors with new products, services, or solutions. You can schedule one-to-one or group/team meetings. Registration is required for all participants.

The Digital Experience Platform

Q: How do I access the Digital Experience Platform?

A: After you register, you will get a new email (on or around October 21) indicating when the EDspaces 2020 digital platform is available. This platform, powered by GRIP Event Networking software, will give you access to all the content, community, and connections you would have experienced face-to-face in Charlotte. It can be accessed on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Through its AI-powered software, the GRIP platform will recommend the most relevant people, products, services, and exhibitors to meet during your digital experience. It will allow you to send meeting requests, chat, keep up with the latest content, and more. All these experiences start as soon as you access the EDspaces 2020 digital platform.

Q: Are my personal details visible in the app?

A: The EDspaces app will only display your professional information including name, job title and company. Information such as telephone number, email address or mail address will not be displayed.

Q: How do I remove myself from the app?

A: Please email with your removal request.

Q: Can I add meetings to my calendar?

A: When a meeting request is accepted it will send a calendar invite to your email address. All your meetings will also be stored for your review in the EDspaces app as well.

Education and Continuing Education Units

Q: How do I select the EDsessions I want to attend? Do I need to sign up for EDsessions in advance?

A: The EDspaces 2020 Digital Experience platform will accommodate all registrants. Review the schedule early and add sessions of interest to your calendar(s).

Q: How do I get Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)?

A: EDsessions are included in All Access Passes only. If you provided a certification number at the time of registration, AIA LUs and HSW credits will be reported within 30 days after EDspaces. GBCI credits and IDCEC CEUs are self-reported. If you need a certificate to validate your participation, please email your request to Adrienne Dayton, Vice President of Communications and Education.

Q: How do I access to EDsessions handouts/presentations?

A: EDsessions handouts and presentations become available online when submitted by the presenter. Click on the.pdf logo.


Q: I've attended EDspaces in the past, but I can't remember my password. What do I do?

A: Please click: Forgot Password?. You'll receive an email from EDmarket Customer Service with instructions to reset your password. Please note:

  • The reset your password option will time out after five (5) minutes. Multiple attempts to reset your password may lock you out of the system and prevent you from registering.
  • Password Criteria:
    • Must be a minimum of 7 characters
    • Must include at least one letter and one number
    • Must include at least one of these special characters !@#$%^&*-
    • Cannot be a password used before
  • Because of stricter data privacy laws, EDmarket staff cannot provide passwords.
  • Save your password in a safe place. You'll need it anytime you do business with EDmarket.

Q: How can I register my coworkers/team?

A: The EDspaces registration system is based on a unique email address for every user. In addition, each registrant must answer specific demographic questions and provide an emergency contact.

Q: Can I pay the registration fee(s) with a Purchase Order (PO)?

A: Yes, schools (only) may pay registration fees with a PO. All payments must be made in full and received by Friday, November 6. Please contact EDmarket Customer Service to make arrangements.

Q: I registered for EDspaces, but I cannot find my confirmation. What do I do?

A: Please check your junk/spam folder and whitelist these URLs,,, and, so you do not miss any EDspaces 2020 communications. If you still cannot find your registration confirmation, please contact EDmarket Customer Service.

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Virtual Tours

Q: What are Virtual Tours?

A: Since we can't meet face-to-face and visit educational facilities in Charlotte, recorded tours of award-winning educational facilities throughout the U.S. will be featured in EDspaces 2020: The Digital Experience (included with All Access Passes). The virtual tour experience also includes discussion with the architects and designers.


For general conference or registration questions, email or call 1-800-395-5550, option 5.
For exhibitor or sponsorship questions, email
For presenter and conference programming questions, email
All members of the press should contact