Educational Distribution Symposium

Nov. 4, 9 AM - 5 PM (ET)

Dealer Day, part of the EDspaces Digital Experience, is designed especially for distributors, independent manufacturers, and vendor partners. The Educational Distribution Symposium includes sessions on data-driven decision making to help improve performance and increase profits. Before and between sessions, meet with exhibitor partners to train your team on new product introductions and become a more valuable resource in the marketplace.

9 AM - 5 PM (ET)
Marketplace Open: Explore your Connections

9-10 AM (ET)
Exhibitor - Dealer Sales/Training Meetings

Leading Sales in an Age of Complexity, 10-11:30 AM (ET)

Lead Presenter: Paul Holland, Principal, Solomon Coyle

Paul Holland will focus on effective sales management diving into both the strategic and tactical elements needed to drive sales. He will share best practices for producing sales operations that consistently win in today's customer-driven, hyper-competitive landscape. Drawing on 30 years of research, consulting and education for high-performing dealerships, the session is grounded in key success factors for sales leadership: strategic alignment, planning acumen, talent management, performance management, and people development. Paul will examine each of the factors to help attendees determine how their sales management can improve and impact their own business.

11:30 AM - 4 PM (ET)
Exhibitor - Dealer Sales/Training Meetings

Financial Benchmarks to Drive Dealer Performance, 4-5 PM (ET)

Lead Presenter: David Solomon, Managing Principal, Solomon Coyle

David Solomon will share his firm's industry-specific financial benchmark research to help dealers assess various compensation scenarios for affordability and its impact on financial performance. He will share the top five critical numbers that dealers can apply to their own business. David will also share data from both the YE2019 Financial Benchmark report and the latest Solomon Coyle Compensation survey that helps the audience understand how they can determine the strength of their sales efforts and the effectiveness of their sales leadership.

"I really appreciated the data-driven perspective that Solomon Coyle provided our group last year. They talked about issues, industry direction, including detailed key operational and sales benchmarking that can be extremely beneficial to our manufacturer and distributor/dealer community."
-Mark C. Lewis, CEO and President from UnitedForGrowth and Shiffler Equipment Sales, Inc.

The Educational Distribution Symposium is open to distributors, suppliers, independent manufacturer's representatives, and service providers.