EDspaces Pre-Conference Learning Lab

Education’s Evolution: Meeting the Needs of the Modern Workplace

Charting a new path for education enhancing future economic competitiveness for students and facilities is moving beyond traditional channels. As gaps continue to widen between what employers need and what schools are providing their graduates, education providers are actively responding by developing next generation learning environments.

  • Tuesday, October 24, 1:30 – 4:30 pm
  • Registration: $75 per person
  • Credit: AIA LU/HSW = 3
  • NOTE: This session is available for an additional fee, and is not included in Full Conference registration; space is limited.

Known for one of the most innovative approaches to education and preparedness for the modern workplace, the Missouri Innovation Campus (MIC) is a unique partnership between educators and industry. In this session, learn about the MIC, from visioning to the built outcome, and how it better prepares students for their future through an out-of-the-box approach that involves educators and industry partners working together in an innovative and collaborative environment.

Gain insights from the team of educators who created the program, the business partners that help develop the curriculum, the design team that translated their vision into reality, and the teachers and students who teach and learn in it. Hear what talent acquisition managers are looking for in new graduates and methods students and educators employ to better prepare themselves to meet these challenges.

Learning Lab attendees will:

  • Experience the Missouri Innovation Campus through a brief presentation.
  • Hear about the learning space and its impact on educational programs.
  • Learn about “education-to-workspace” challenges through real-world experiences.
  • Participate in round-table discussion and group questions.
  • Credit: AIA LU/HSW = 3

Attend the sister session, Missouri Innovation Campus Tour & Reception to enhance your Learning Lab experience, where theory meets practice. This tour is included in Full Conference registration for architects, however space is limited. Credit: AIA LU/HSW = 2

Meet the Presenters

Dr. Charles Ambrose
President, University of Central Missouri
Stan Elliott
Director, Missouri Innovation Campus Program
Kevin Greischar
DLR Group
Elaine Metcalf
Principal, Summit Technology Academy/Missouri Innovation Campus
David Reid
Gould Evans Design