Increase Your Exhibit ROI with Expo Chat

NEW FOR 2016:
We’re driving more architects to your booth!

New for EDspaces 2017 Expo ChatEDspaces is pleased to offer its exhibitors the opportunity to participate in the Expo Chat program at EDspaces 2016. Expo Chat allows architects and exhibitors to interact on the exhibit floor and discuss educational topics of interest (sample topics). The program will offer architects the opportunity to earn learning units and at the same time drive traffic to exhibit booths.


  • Exhibitors start by signing up for the Expo Chat program by August 24, 2016. The submission process is now closed.
  • Onsite, attendees will visit the EDspaces exhibit floor and meet with a minimum of 4 exhibitors for 15 minutes each to earn the first learning unit. After the 1st unit is earned, additional credits can be earned in .25 LU increments.
  • Exhibitors will have the option of sharing relevant educational materials with attendees.
  • Each exhibitor who applies by the deadline of September 23, 2016 will be assigned a verification code to share with each attendee at the end of their conversation.
  • Attendees must enter the verification code on their Expo Chat Report card and complete a learning statement in order to receive their credits.
  • The maximum number of credits available through the Expo Chat program is 6 LUs. This total number of credits can be earned over the 3 days that EDspaces exhibits are open.