Designed Classrooms

EDspaces learning environments serve as vehicles for classroom experimentation, with sessions taking place in classrooms designed by top architects, designers, and space planners. This gives attendees first-hand experience of modern approaches to learning through innovation in planning, design, and products and are a unique extension of learning for participants. See EDspaces 2018 Classrooms by Design to experience peer-designed, innovative learning environments.

Classrooms support multiple, flexible, concurrent learning styles and content delivery methods, including activities from guided presentation areas to independent learning. Check out the Classroom Open House on Wednesday, October 23 at 5:00 pm to view all the classrooms, visit with the designers, and try out the fun and flexible products.


Demco, Inc. + Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP




MA+ Architecture


Zimmerman Architectural Studios


RATIO Architects + OnPoint


Legat Architects

Activate Classroom by MA+ Architecture

EDspacesThe design intent is to create a space that promotes an active classroom and active lifestyle by inspiring all who enter to move and learn. The sensory path encourages play and stimulates learning by allowing the students to move freely in the space. Flexible furniture and vibrant colors activate an inquisitive learning adventure. The fluid carpet pattern creates a sense of movement from the presentation station to the back of the room. Attendees will be able to creatively move into the space in an active and fun way and to choose from a variety of different seating and standing options for a comfortable environment in which to learn and move.

Vendor Partners: KI, Lightspeed, Milliken Carpet, Walker Companies


EDspacesCultivate. Transform. Flourish. by Demco, Inc. and Plunkett Raysich Architects, LLP

This classroom offers a rich integration of nature throughout the learning environment using biophilic-inspired design. The room is organized into three distinct zones: the forest edge, the clearing, and the glen. Entering the room through the forest edge, guests will find a zone of soft seating elements, tactile tables, and interactive display boards, along with living walls of green plants complemented by a natural imagery backdrop. This multisensory space opens to the clearing at the center of the room where a variety of flexible seating, work surfaces, and media tools offer the ability to adapt the space for individual, small-group, and large-group learning. Integrated power throughout supports learners' technology needs. The edge of the glen on the far side of the room features larger tables and a private group setting for students to engage away from the active learning flow in the center of the room. Materials throughout the space have been carefully chosen to support focus, learning, and well-being by mimicking natural environments and making connections to our natural world.

Vendor Partners: ArtLine LTD, Community, Connectrac, Freshcoast, Forbo Flooring Systems, Interface, MooreCo, Muzo, Nora Systems, Professional Audio Designs, Inc., Smith System, Whitney Brothers


Future Ready Learning Space by NorvaNivel

EDspacesThis design creates an agile space that will support the needs of learners and educators, today and into the future. This is achieved through our eclectic range of furniture that speaks to different learning styles; flexible pieces that can be reconfigured for a variety of learning activities and teaching methods; and zones to help achieve specific learning outcomes. Above all it is a human-centered space that considers the colors and textures that will stimulate learning; provides areas for individuals to both come together and retreat; and facilitates natural movement with ergonomically designed pieces, that enhance blood flow, cognitive function, and learning engagement.

Vendor Partners: ELB Education, NorvaNivel, Tandus Centiva, a Tarkett Company

The Game Changer by RATIO | OnPoint

EDspacesThe Game Changer classroom creates a central focal point and engages the learner in the round within an inclusive environment directing the emphasis at the core. The zones of the arena-style classroom are divided into groupings that position learners face-to-face to encourage engagement with interactive technology. Each game zone engages students in multiple modes: the presenter and the visual display in lecture mode, the individual zones in a collaborative mode, and a combination of the two in competition mode when the zones are matched against each other in an inquiry-based activity. This approach provides students a view of the content and each other, changing the perception of students from participants to supporters. The furniture selections feature a diverse range of soft, lounge seating in between tiered, collaborative style mobile desks/tables and chairs to accommodate a range of vantage points and learning preferences that adapt to each mode. 'Change the game' of learning and incite the learner's competitive spirit.

Vendor Partners: Boxlight, Lightspeed, Mannington Commercial, Mien Company, Muzo

EDspacesLearning Happens Everywhere Classroom by Zimmerman Architectural Studios

The Learning Happens Everywhere Classroom imagines space as framework to support a range of learning modes. This design illustrates how, with a set kit of parts, the classroom becomes a nimble tool to develop life-long learners. Flexible components accommodate choices for different postures, layers of privacy and technology. The layout explores how furnishings can be transformed to allow teachers and students choices for how they interact. This classroom is designed to be convertible; from the traditional to arrangements that enhance active learning. The four quadrants represent four different classroom layouts, illustrating the range of flexibility from group discussion scenarios to intimate reflective spaces using the same components. Tables and chairs can be rolled around to accommodate postures from sitting to standing. Lounge furniture clustered around a media wall or a terraced banquette provides opportunity for collaboration or individual work, encouraging mobility. Technology in everyone's hand makes information is accessible 24/7, and the teacher now guides students how to learn.

Vendor Partners: MiEN Company, MDC, Interface, Inc., Turnstone

THRIVE! Classroom by Legat Architects

EDspacesTHRIVE is the theme and objective of the Legat Architect healthy learning environment design. Showcasing the international WELL building standard and Living Building Challenge standard, this environment will demonstrate the initiatives of Comfort, Mind, Fitness, and Nourishment. Flexibility will be given to move the furniture around the DIRTT wall systems to provide smaller group gathering with some privacy from the large group setting. Each of quadrants will host technology and educational components to support discussion. The goal for the THRIVE classroom is to stimulate interest in designing the whole classroom as a healthy learning environment - ceiling, floor, wall, and furniture. Every surface is a learning surface, every surface affects the way we feel, engage, and interact. Through immersive learning in the THRIVE classroom, users will spontaneously discover how they can create healthier learning environments every day.

Vendor Partners: DIRTT, Tandus Centiva a Tarkett Company, TURF, VS