EDsession Classrooms: Designing An Empowering Experience

Being at the forefront of innovative approaches to education in a variety of settings is embedded in EDmarket culture. For the third year running, EDspaces is hosting classrooms on the exhibit floor to create more intimate, high-quality educational offerings in interactive classrooms and hands-on learning “experience” areas.

What’s unique about this year, is that EDspaces has teamed up with respected architectural firms to design each space for flexibility and to accommodate different learning styles. Building on past successes like these creates a positive effect on attendees and fosters a more relationship-oriented event.

Take a look at some of the sessions that are offered in these inventive spaces and when you get onsite and visit the classrooms to see them in action.

EDsession Classroom #302: Personalized and Immersive Learning Experiences

View largerIn designing this EDsession space, DOWA-IBI asked ourselves: What spaces, places, and environments might be required to support the activities of the students and teachers of the future? We wondered: In what ways might these environments differ from those that we utilized as students? We believe that the students of the future will be distinctly different. The development of critical core competencies, namely thinking, creating, and communicating, requires students to access platforms that support a wide variety of highly connected learning activities. Individual study spaces, studios, seminar spaces, gathering areas, stages, and exhibition areas will be utilized by students based on the particular and ever changing requirements of each student’s journey.

Designed by: DOWA-IBI Group
Classroom Technology: Epson, Extron, Samsung
Furniture: V/S
Stage: School Outfitters
Carpet: Interface

EDsession Classroom #314: Intersection of People, Places, and Information

View largerWhen thinking about designing an active learning environment, SHP thought about the intersection of people, place and information and how they support each other. Students need to feel the freedom to take ownership of their learning environment. Flexibility is the key to this ownership allowing a classroom to easily morph from lecture mode to teamwork mode to individualized learning mode. The tiered classroom design allows for different postures to encourage movement throughout the day.

Designed by: SHP Leading Design
Furniture: Steelcase and Loth
Carpet: Interface

EDsession Classroom #326: Six Learning Zones in One Flexible Space

View largerImagine inherent flexibility, porosity and an environment that supports multiple learning styles simultaneously. Visualize classrooms opening up to a versatile learning commons, empowering and supporting teachers to nimbly facilitate various learning styles while allowing students to work independently with appropriate supervision. HED has designed an agile, technologically-rich environment with the built-in capability of quick reconfiguration. Teachers and/or students can easily adapt their environment for various scenarios appropriate to a preferred learning style. The space can quickly morph from six distinct zones – three of which are enhanced with interactive technologies — to one, all school gathering space for events.

Designed by: Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED)
Audio Visual Consulting: Vantage Technology Consulting Group
Equipment: Epson, Samsung
Furniture: Allsteel, Haworth, MooreCo Inc., School Outfitters, BuzziSpace, VS America and Wittfitt
Carpet: Shaw Contract Group

EDsession Classroom #2148: Classrooms — Accommodating Individual Learning Styles

Classrooms have long been a place for direct instruction, project-based learning, dialogue, and other teaching technique, but now more than ever the keys to a successful classroom are: flexibility, comfort, accommodation of individualized learning styles. Classroom #2148, adjacent to the Future of School Food cafeteria, is outfitted with a variety of seating supplied by BuzziSpace.

Manufacturers represented in Classroom #2148, sponsored by Staples Business Advantage include: Allsteel, Alumni, ESI Ergonomics, Flagship Carpets, Global, Haskell, HON Swiftspace, MooreCo, National, and Regency.