EDsession Classrooms

The EDspaces 2017 Conference will not only feature the very best education sessions, but you’ll be learning in unique spaces designed by leading architects and designers in the field and outfitted with the latest innovations that make learning spaces come to life.

Exhibit Hall Classrooms

Susan Gladden Interiors Classroom 2304

“ENGAGE” — Susan Gladden Interiors
Classroom 2304

Students are as complex and unique as they are diverse. Our solution addresses the individual as well as the learner. Our design incorporates elements of nature and engages all five senses, contributing to increased creativity, focus, and memory. The room is grounded by a spiral-shaped herb garden with low soft seating that encourages community. A variety of flexible furniture options radiate from this center, supporting individual, small, or large group learning. Technology is used to enhance rather than overpower learning, encouraging the teacher to move freely and engage with students throughout the classroom.

Designer: Susan Gladden Interiors

Susan Gladden

Kate Horgan

Lanie Hollister

Dealer Partners:

  • School Specialty
  • Cheryl Davis Group

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  • Haskell Office - Booth #1915
  • KI - Booth #1317
  • Mediatechnologies - Booth #729
  • Mooreco Inc. - Booth #1829
  • OFS Brands - Booth #2119
  • Oklahoma Sound
  • Shaw Contract

THRIVE Classroom – Moseley Architects, Classroom 2341

“THRIVE” — Moseley Architects, Classroom 2341

The ideal classroom is constantly transforming to address new teaching and learning styles that engage students and prepare them for the future. Our design provides this opportunity for both teacher and student by utilizing flexible furniture, integrated technology, and acoustical elements. Each of these components work together to provide an environment where teaching and learning thrive. Integrated technology is used to facilitate interactive learning and provide voice amplification. Upholstered furniture and fixtures reduce reverberation in and around the classroom. Multiple teaching walls, digital displays, and mobile marker boards enable collaboration and offer flexibility to use the room as an interactive teaching tool. The variety of furniture and furniture groupings create opportunities for individualized learning, group learning, collaboration, and student-as-teacher instruction. Envision breaking the boundary of the classroom by incorporating these elements into other areas within the school. Envision the possibilities and THRIVE!

Designer: Moseley Architects

Betsy Woodlief

Melissa Almond

Shea C. Crump
CID, IIDA, LEED Green Associate

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  • Arcadia Contract - Booth #2113
  • Buzzispace
  • Extron - Booth #913
  • Fleetwood Furniture - Booth #1429
  • HON - Booth #607
  • Interstuhl
  • KI - Booth #1317
  • Mannington Commercial - Booth #2337
  • Mien Company - Booth #1337
  • MooreCo Inc. - Booth #1829
  • National Office Furniture - Booth # 2135
  • SAFCO Products/Mayline - Booth #1243
  • ViewSonic

Meeting Room Level Classrooms

Learniture Classroom 2105

“INTERACT” — Learniture Classroom 2105

This flexible collaborative learning space lets students choose from a variety of workspaces so they can best engage in their studies. Having Café tables mixed with booths and soft seating creates an informal atmosphere to help students feel at ease, focus on their work, and provide comfortable spots for conversation. Certain soft seating options offer power outlets to charge up any device while preparing for their next class. Collaborative tables in various shapes and heights provide multiple seating options that can be easily rearranged for group work to fit the student or teacher’s needs.

Designer: School Outfitters

Katelyn Nigus
Industrial Designer, School Outfitters

Vendor Partners:

  • Learniture - Booth #1515

Learning in Motion 2104B

Learning in Motion 2104B

The proposed classroom design employs the notion of layering the learning environment, a departure from the typical classroom we see today. By means of incorporating a variety of furniture systems, flexibility and zoning of the classroom become fluid. In lecture mode the classroom can be set up in tiers, with lower student desks at the front, and higher top tables at the back. When the time comes to break out collaboratively, those same furnishings can help zone different sized groups for different functions. In turn, the furniture is better equipped to serve the ever changing needs of the learning environment.

Designers: DLR Group & Scott Rice Office Works

Ian Kilpatrick
DLR Group

Craig Serig
DLR Group

Stacy Roth

Staci Chivetta
Scott Rice Office Works

Vendor Partners:

  • VS America, Inc. - Booth #829

Demco, Inc. Classroom 2104A

Demco, Inc. Classroom 2104A

Contemporary Media Centers and Makerspaces provide zoned learning environments that support the objectives of today’s educators and students. Demco designed the EDspaces Classroom with four zones to fulfill these learning objectives. The central collaborative zone utilizes mobile, reconfigurable table systems to provide a flexible learning space for large group instruction. Informal, breakout zones use tiered seating and mobile lounge to create playful, adaptable, collaboration spaces. Small group zones provide high-level seating with power to support digital literacy and technology-focused initiatives. The Makerspace provides mobile storage and flexible work surfaces for creative, hands-on making and learning.

Designer: Demco, Inc.

Stephen Gower
Design Supervisor

Angela Loewecke
Interior Designer II

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  • 3branch
  • Akro-Mils
  • Community - Booth #721
  • High Point
  • Izzy - Booth #638
  • JSI - Booth #721
  • MooreCo Inc. - Booth #1829
  • Muzo
  • OFM , Inc. - Booth #1707
  • Sims
  • Smith System Mfg. Inc. - Booth #1407