Call for Proposals: Classroom Design

Call for Classroom Design Proposals

The Education Market Association invites industry professionals to submit classroom design proposals for EDspaces 2017, and seeks engaging classroom designs to inspire attendees and exemplify the future of educational facilities. Proposals are evaluated for aesthetics, overall functionality, vendor engagement, relevance to the future of educational facilities, and flexibility of the learning space. Five classrooms are featured, with two located on the exhibit floor, and three in the convention center meeting room areas. Submit by Friday, June 30, 2017, with completed online form and attach your drawing/layout, to be considered.


Each EDspaces Classroom Design team receives the following exclusive benefits:

  • Naming rights to their EDspaces Classroom (i.e. EDmarket Classroom 2017)
  • Recognition with logo and corporate name in the printed and digital program (downloadable pdf file format for unlimited shelf life)
  • Recognition with logo and corporate name on the general sponsorship listing in the program, with all partners featured in a call-out box
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Classroom Design Instructions


A total of five classrooms are featured: two on the exhibit floor, and three in convention center meeting rooms. A minimum of six educational sessions will be held in each classroom during the conference. Design/plan classrooms to provide for a wide variety of presentation formats, including facilitated delivery with high participation, peer-to-peer components, small group discussions, and participant brainstorming and involvement in case-study analyses. Designs should demonstrate learning areas for students of various ages but should be a comfortable space for adult learners. Upon prior request, EDspaces will provide lavalier microphones for presenters and A/V staff to test the sound and projection before each presentation.


Contact Adrienne Dayton or call (800) 395-5550, ext. 1031