"Think. Sync. Make." is a maker lounge classroom that provides users the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and create among a variety of furniture options to best suit their individual preferences. This classroom design incorporates a general teaching area with multiple digital displays, a smart lectern, and microphone devices, which support diverse instructional styles. Flexible nesting tables and chairs are centered within the room to provide a focused area for thinking and planning. A variety of chair and table heights offer options for sitting, standing, or perching. Individual lounge furniture encourages small group interaction and idea syncing while also providing separation. Media and maker tables inspire exploration and creation. Mobile panels made of recycled PET create spatial division while also improving acoustics by reducing sound reverberation. A mixture of neutral colors and energetic accents provide balance and excitement to the classroom. Biophilic elements are incorporated throughout the space to support human connections, reduce stress, and encourage creative thinking. For the health and wellness of attendees, the seating layout is socially distanced. Seating at media tables is intended for learners who are attending in a group. In addition to social distancing, a sanitation station is located at the classroom entry.

Vendor Partners: Allsteel, BuzziSpace, CEF, Inpro, KI, Mannington Commercial, OFS, Orangebox, Office Environments, PowerUpEdu, Steelcase