The Flex Classroom is based upon the concept that learning can occur anywhere and that all spaces should be as flexible as possible for full utilization. The design is based on a recently-completed school with nine separate self-sufficient pods that contain a variety of teaching spaces separated with movable partitions allowing multiple space configurations. The original design for the EDspaces classroom demonstrated a portion of a pod including classroom space, lab space, and SGI space furnished with a variety of multi-functional furniture that is able to react to different area configurations and multiple sized groupings. The social distancing plan incorporates a variety of new furniture to assist with student spacing while maintaining a collaborative environment. This includes furniture with incorporated technology allowing students to connect while maintaining spacing and tables that can be utilized both as a single unit and in large groups. The goal of the space remains for users to experience the mobility and functionality of different space configurations, while demonstrating how the furnishings can support and enhance these layouts.

Vendor Partners: CEF, ERG, Haskell, HON, JJ Flooring Group, Mondo Worldwide, MooreCo, Tanner Furniture