The Immersive Learningscape is designed to accommodate ALL types of learners under five space typologies that support the five learning taxonomies: Think, Create, Discover, Impart and Exchange. This 21st Century learning space allows for technology-focused, project- based learning with flexibility of activities and education, unexpectedness in thought-provoking, collaborative environments, and brainstorming space for innovative and creative learning. This landscape of learning areas facilitates and encourages interdisciplinary innovative encounters between students and faculty and will address the potential for every square foot of space to be maximized as learning spots, nooks, paths and spaces. The spaces and the technologies within those spaces (acoustics, tech, materials, furniture, lighting) are designed to support those taxonomies with learners able to maintain social distancing of a 6-feet minimum. This classroom provides distancing and choice of learning environment while maintaining inclusivity and visibility and hearing connection to all the speakers as they move through the room.

Vendor Partners: KI, Shaw, SMART