Second Nature offers a new experience in the age of social distancing that erodes the boundaries of home and school as places to learn. The original design featured themed seating arrangements encouraging collaboration and flow with each of the five exhibition spaces focusing on different thematic aspects of play and learning in loose chronological order. The updated plan allows for healthy strategies including a one-way directional roadmap to organize movement and themed seating scenarios. Based on a six-, eight- and ten- foot proximity arrangement, this layout allows for the integration of touchpoints and the tracking of seating options. Attendees will enjoy an amazing journey of diverse options, high-to-low seating, soft-to-hard, grounded-to-floating. Technology-enriched small teams will enliven the main stage "big screen".

Vendor Partners: ELB Education, Molo Design, Judson University and UNC Charlotte FABLABS, Tarkett, VS America