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Only at EDspaces can you experience classrooms as students do daily.

The EDspaces Classroom Design Competition recognizes exceptional and original design work, highlighting creative and effective learning environments.  Experience modern approaches to learning in these winning EDspaces classrooms showcasing innovative designs and new products enhancing your on-site education. This year's classroom designers met the additional challenge of re-creating learning spaces for the COVID-19 era. See outstanding examples of spatial distancing, sanitation, washing stations, and flexible environments.

Apply these classroom ideas to solve challenges and overcome common hurdles with classroom design concepts to create better spaces for learners.

Congratulations to the EDspaces 2020 Classroom Design Winners! Explore each winning classroom in which you'll learn at EDspaces:

Learning Playground

Hord | Coplan |Macht

iACE Learning Space

Media Technologies

Second Nature

Legat Architects
with Dina Sorensen

Flex Classroom

Marotta/Main Architects

Immersive Learningscape

Little Diversified
Architectural Consulting