Corporate & Institutional Learning Facilities

Experience the Evolution of Corporate Learning Environments

From structural models to the role of technology, these spaces impact approaches to continuous corporate learning through developing environments that foster collaboration, technology integration, and providing a central meeting place in a global community.


Known as corporate universities or classrooms, these spaces have become more than simple training centers, they are headquarters for continuous learning and development – and they provide an environment where teams experience a sense of unity and shared knowledge.

Source: Optimum Training & Consulting

EDspaces is uniquely positioned as a valuable resource for companies of all sizes who are considering (or already developing) enhanced professional learning locations.

Source: GLG HQ-Clive Wilkinson Architect

Global business leaders like Motorola, Sun Microsystems, McDonalds, Charles Schwab, Apple, and Google, have fostered excellence through innovative executive and management development organizations that extend well beyond traditional job training.